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One sometimes wonders when Capetonians are going to catch up with the "Valies" - or what do we call the residents of Gauteng these days?
Everything is always more dynamic/ advanced in Gauteng;WP and KZN are always dragging their feet, not to mention the other provinces…
Just look at the new My City buses - most of them will probably be parked for another couple of years till their "pink roads network" is completed.

As far as bus hire in Johannesburg and the rest of Gauteng is concerned; it seems thatbus hire clientele, like schools for example, have decided a long time ago to oust unreliable bus operators by demanding proper standards and services.
In the South it's a different andtragic story though; every now and then a bus with school children is involved in an accident with fatalities - very few schools are prepared to pay for a proper bus or coach that is up to standard - many still go for the cheaper option of a run down 20 year old buswhichis easy to find all over the Cape, except in the scrapyard where itbelongs.
In Johannesburg schools are prepared to pay a premium for a proper coach when they send a group of children on a sports tour, knowing it is well worth it - one simply can't compromise when children's lives are at stake…

Apart from the higher standards of buses in Gauteng, hired by a market that is prepared to pay a bit more for peace of mind, what else is different?
Well, Gauteng is definitely much stricter on regulations - this has been proven over and over again: Acoach will for instance pass a weighbridge test in the Cape;however, send the same coach on a tour through the North, and it won't get halfway to the Kruger Park before being impounded.
Just look at the AARTO system; the Cape is far behind Gauteng once again in implementing a system which, regardless of the criticism one can punt against it, at least attempts to keep drivers with repetitive driving offenses off the roads.

Whatever the argument, the simple truth is - whether Capetonians like it or not - in Johannesburg or Gauteng the bus hire market will not compromise on safety, standards or regulations, but will rather pay the premium required for a bus that is up to standard and operated by a reliable operator.
There is simply no debate here - we live in the 21st century - no one should risk putting their children / students / employees / club members / tourists etc on a vehicle that is substandard, or not demandall the required documents from the supplier - proving that the buses are not only road worthy, but are of high standard and well maintained, and being driven by drivers that are well trained with the necessary experience and accident free records.


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