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As we all know prices are largely influenced by supply and demand. The current situation in the bus hire and charter industry reflects an oversupply of especially luxury coaches and buses.
The question is: How does one take advantage of the situation in such a manner that all parties, from the owner of the vehicle, the operator of the vehicle, to the client at the end of the chain, are benefited?

This is where LCS plays a vital role - not only as the operator of the bus to be hired, but also in obtaining the best rate, in line with its client's budget and specific requirements.
The question remains: why can't the client - whether tour operator, school, sports club, corporate - negotiate their own rate with the coach company?
The answer is simple - LCS channels large volumes of work through to only a couple of selected suppliers, which gives it ample leverage to ensure that the best rate available in the industry is offered to it's clients.

Furthermore, LCS 's expertise in the field of bus hire - with its owner and manager's 10 years' charter management and coach & bus hire experience- has resulted in established, long-standing relationships with reliable suppliers nationally, who appreciate the volume of work channeled to them. Relationships like these are invaluable when rates are negotiated and determined, especially in the field of coach & bus hire.

The vast experience and skills particular to LCS, enables it to ensure that its clients not only get very competitive rates, but also benefit from the seasonal trend specific to the industry, with LCS at times reducing rates up to 25% during certain low season periods.
This enable those clients with very limited budgets, to hire coaches and buses that are not only reliable and up to standard, but with all the specs and added luxuries usually reserved for international tourists; from AC, DVD, comfortable reclining seats, to fridges and toilets.

If you are interested in finding out more about these bus hire rates, contact us or send us a request for a quotation - we have a same day turnaround policy on quotations, but clients normally don't have to wait longer than a couple of hours.

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