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LCS provides a complete product & service to its clients - service delivery in this business definitely entails more than just supplying a vehicle at the right time and at the right place - LCS focuses on the quality of the service rendered.

LCS's operational policy requires management to spend 75% of its time focused on adding value to services rendered to its clients, and 25% on the normal running of the business- the norm in the industry is just the other way round.
This is made possible by implementing streamlined, effective operational processes and procedures that Niel van Wyk (manager and owner of the business) has developed over the past 10 years of his involvement in the bus hire and charter industry.
The result is that LCS's clients receive a service in which ever been invested double the time and effort with regard to managerial skills and expertise, compared to what is normally offered in the industry.

How does this benefit the client and end consumer?

This hands-on approach of management with the focus on detail and quality of service, results in clients who have hired a bus or coach from LCS to experience stress free bus hiring with:

  • No compromises on safety
  • No compromises on reliability
  • No compromises on standards and quality of vehicles
  • Continuous communication throughout service delivery
  • Proper planning of vehicle and people movement
  • Coordination on the ground resulting in smooth operations at pick up points and destinations or venues
  • No hidden costs - i.e. the services of coordinators on the ground (where required), are included in the best rates available to clients' specific requirements.
  • Well trained drivers with the necessary experience, but most importantly, with the best attitudes in the industry. Recognized by LCS to be the most important component in the service rendered, drivers are extremely well briefed and motivated to add value to clients’ experience of the service.

Since LCS is always open to different forms of collaboration and searching for synergy's between role players in the industry in order to target large projects and events, it not only offers a vast amount of resources and capacity, but also enables it to combine expertise from different fields, resulting in excellent service and accurate, effective positioning in the market.

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